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This interactive demo shows how you can get the most of the provided pictures and the client interface.

Our staff is trained not only to take good pictures, but also to make sure they will be useful for you. Each pictures is taken with a twofold purpose : to provide as much information as possible and to reflect field reality.

We know how to shoot the best pictures. We put adequate material in the hands of trained and professional people that understand your need : Information.

Pictures taken by TopSales are uploaded into your account, accessible at all times and from anywhere. A powerful interface brings you in front of the pictures just as you were in front of the shelves. You can browse, organise, search, zoom, rate and write comments.

You do not have to worry about backups or anything else. Simply log in and you will have access to all your pictures.

Because truly every picture is worth a thousand words. You may receive many Excel sheets reports every month. However accurate this information is, it is only a limited view of reality.

Eventually when your customers choose products, they do it based on what they see. Let us be your eyes.

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